About us

“We want to change the way people view mobility products, one scooter or powerchair at a time! Let’s start a revolution!”

Making Life Easier was established in Taunton in 1985, at a time when “choice” was simply not heard of in the mobility market. The Ross family owned the business for over 25 years and prided themselves on being the experts, able to guide their customers to making the right purchase, at the right time. The business is now under new ownership and although there have been some changes (you’ve seen our new logo, right?) our ethos remains the same: “that the customer deserves choice, with exceptional service”.   

At MLE we are very proud of our reputation for exceptional customer service.  However, you don’t need to just take our word for it, see what our customers say…

What are we all about?

It’s pretty simple, MLE has a vision to start a revolution. We want to talk about mobility products and to brighten them up. We would love to see more colour and personality added to the products we sell. To that end, we are always researching the mobility and disability industry, so that we can bring new and innovative products into our showroom, for our lovely customers to try.

Our mission is to help our customers live their lives with confidence. We can do this, because we have experienced and knowledgeable staff, who provide honest and practical advice.

A friendly welcome is always guaranteed when you visit the spacious and well positioned showroom. We have an easily accessible customer parking area, right outside the showroom door (which opens automatically!)


Try Before you Buy!

Let’s face it, everything can be bought online right? WRONG!

You cannot ‘try before you buy’ online. We know that stepping into the world of mobility aids can be exceptionally daunting, so we want to make it as easy as possible for your family and you. That is why everything at MLE can be tried! You can drive our mobility scooters to make sure you choose the right one; you can sit in our beautiful range of riser recliner armchairs to get the right fit; you can try out our bath lift to experience how it works in a real bath; you can use our Acorn stairlift, just to see how it feels!

Pop into the showroom or make an appointment to talk to us about your needs and ask us as many questions as you have.

When you think mobility, we want you to say MLE!

A message from Lizzie:

From personal experience, I know that we often start talking about needing help, well past the point when help was first needed. When we need assistance with day-to-day activities, due to a physical impairment, we find there are so many “workarounds”.

Take my much loved, late father as an example. His legs would swell at night. He really needed a profiling bed. What he used, was a few old pillows (which would fall off the bed when he turned over). What about my gorgeous great Aunt? She would sleep in her chair downstairs, but what she needed was a stairlift. How about my very much alive and kicking mum? She needed an electric can opener. What she did, was change brand of soup!

I wish I had known about mobility scooters, when my darling Mother-in-law found walking any distance, too difficult.  I wish I had bought my dad a profiling bed and a bath lift.  I wish I had researched stairlifts for my Aunt instead of accepting she could just sleep downstairs. I wish I had known about pressure cushions and grab rails and rollators and, and, and…

I know about them now and I want you to know about them too. x